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A cookie is a small dimension file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website like

The cookies allow an efficient operation of the website and improve the performance,  moreover provide information for statistics or advertising purposes to the owner of the website, and provide you a better surfing experience remembering your preference (for example remember the language and the currency that you have selected, to identify you to the next visit etc.)

We use cookies to make our website easier and intuitive. The cookies are small data portions that allow us to compared new visitors from past one and to understand how the users surf through our website.
We use the data collected with cookies to make the surfing experience more pleasant and efficient in the future.
The cookies don’t record any personal information on an user and potential identifiable data will be not memorize. If you would like to disable the cookies is necessary to personalize the computer settings and setting the cancellation of all the cookies or activating a warning message when the cookies are memorized.
To proceed without change the cookies application is sufficient to continue with the surfing.

Remember that the discipline relating the use of “cookies” and other similar tools in the terminals use by users , have been amended following the implementation of the EEC directive 2009/136/EC , which amended the directive “e-Privacy” 2002/58/EC. The transposition of the new directive took place in Italy with legislative decree of 28th May 2012, n. 69 which have amended the legislative decree of 30th June 2003, n. 196 “Code for the protection of personal data”.

In particular, the article 122 of decree 196/03 today provides:

  1. the storage of the information in the user’s or contractor’s terminal or the access to previously archived information is allowed only if the contractor or the user has expressed consent after have been informed with simplified procedures referred to Art.13 paragraph of the Code.

This don’t’ forbid the potential technical storage or the access to the information previously archived if they are finalized only to transmit a communication on a network of electronic communication, or to the extent strictly necessary to the supplier of a service of information society  because it explicitly requested from the contractor or the user to provide such a service.

For the purposes of the determination of the simplified procedures of which in the first period the guarantor take also in consideration the proposals formulated by the most representative associations of consumers and economic categories involved at national level, also with the aim to guarantee the use of methodologies that ensure effective awareness of the contractor or of the user.

  1. For the purposes of the expressing consent referred to paragraph 1, can be used specific configurations of computer programs or device that can be used easily by the contractor and the user.


Below we would like to inform the visitor of website: about how cookies are used.


1. Owner of the treatment

The website property of the company GM PRODUCTION srl use the cookies to make their services easier and efficient for the end users which visit the pages. The users that access to the website, will see only a minimum quantity of information on the devices in use such as computer or mobile phone, in small text files called “cookie” that are saved in the directory used by user’s browser. There are different types of cookie: some to ease the use of the website and other to enable specific functionality.


2.  Processed data

Navigation Data, the informatics system and the software procedures appointed to the operation of this website acquire some personal data during their normal operation which transmission is implied in the use of the internet communication protocols.

These information are not collected in order to be associated with identified individuals, but they could allow to identify the visitor through elaboration and associations with data held by third.

These data are used only to the aim of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to control the proper operation and are deleted immediately after the elaboration.

The data may be used to ascertain the liability in case of hypothetical cybercrime that damage the website: except this eventuality, the data on the web contacts do not persist for more than 7 days.

No visitors’ personal data is acquired by the website.

The website uses the following cookies: session cookies, analytics cookies, marketing cookies and first-part cookies, third-part cookies and social network cookies.



For more information about cookies, and how to delete and disable cookies please visit



Personal data are handled with automated tools or manually for time strictly necessary to achieve the aims for which have been collected.


5. purpose of the treatment

Navigation data will be handled only to allow to the visitor to surf on the website and enjoy its contents as well as to generate statistics relating to the use of the website. Personal data voluntarily provided from the visitor are used solely to answer to the request made by the visitor.