Tech Stirrups ENDURANCE horse-riding stirrups: for all those riders who are never tired of winning!

Tech Stirrups endurance riding stirrups are entirely made in Italy and have been conceived for endurance professionals.

The Tech Stirrups products are made of high-quality metal and can be recycled.

Stirrup features:

  • Weight: 310g
  • Tread dimensions: 125x66mm
  • Tread width (with protective cage): 150mm
  • Slope: 3,5°
  • Finishing: Shiny



“Brixia” stirrups have been designed with a comfortable grip on their treads to allow the best adherence even in the presence of water, mud and sand. This is made possible thanks to specific holes which prevent dirt accumulation.

Brixia horse riding stirrups can be used with any kind of riding boot or technical shoe: in fact, they are ideal even with technical sports shoes.

The shape of the stirrup leather loop helps adjustments to easily put the foot back in position in case of loss of the stirrup.


available colours

The pictures in our website may be different from the appearance of the final product delivered to you, as we reserve the possibility to improve the products at any time. Nevertheless, it will be our care to post the latest and most updated drawings and illustrations of the products that will be supplied.

Some minimal deviations of colour shades are ordinary and they are due to the craftsmanship of the anodizing treatment.