Tech Stirrups cleaning kit allows you to keep your stirrups clean and efficient.

Each Tech Stirrups cleaning kit contains:

  • A brush with synthetic bristles to remove dirt without scratching the stirrups;
  • A 5ml dropper containing vaseline oil;
  • A pair of stirrup covers made from TNT (Non-Woven Fabric), a plastic material, soft to the touch, water-repellent, resistant to both low and very high temperatures.

To ensure the best adherence performance with all of our stirrups, we recommend to clean the grips with water and to use the brush contained in the kit.

For safety stirrups, we also recommend the cleaning of the spring mechanism under the tread, always using water and the brush supplied.
Once dry, it must be kept oiled with a few drops of the special lubricant provided with the cleaning kit.
For the Plus stirrups, it is also necessary to lubricate all the 6 small grooves located under the pad of each stirrup.