Milan & Florence

Tech Stirrups extra lightweight aluminium spurs

The Tech Stirrups products are made of high-quality metal and can be recycled.

Spurs are provided with a replacement kit containing 3 different tips, easily interchangeable.


  • Weight: 20g

Tech Stirrups spurs are available in two different kits: Milan and Florence, which are different in tip shape.





If you want to add other tips to your kit, you can purchase them separately.


available colours

The pictures in our website may be different from the appearance of the final product delivered to you, as we reserve the possibility to improve the products at any time. Nevertheless, it will be our care to post the latest and most updated drawings and illustrations of the products that will be supplied.

Some minimal deviations of colour shades are ordinary and they are due to the craftsmanship of the anodizing treatment.


The warranty does not cover wear (e.g. grip consumption), third-party changes, improper storage or maintenance and/or use, that is, other than that for which the device was designed.

All Tech Stirrups products are tested and checked carefully before being launched into the market. Tech Stirrups products are covered by a 3-year warranty, which is valid starting from the date of purchase, against defects in materials or manufacturing. Consequently, we do recommend to save the fiscal receipt, because the date of emission of the fiscal receipt will declare the starting of the warranty period.

To submit a complaint send an email to info@techstirrups.com. We will reply as soon as possible.

GM PRODUCTION srl, owner of the brand Tech Stirrups decline any responsibility due to the lack of respect of what indicated above in the current USER HANDBOOK AND SAFETY NOTES.