Staffa Classica caccia Diana Tech Stirrups


Tech Stirrups HUNTING stirrups: for all those riders looking for elegance and comfort.

Our patented stirrups are 100% made in Italy. Tech Stirrups Diana are made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.


  • Weight: 340g (11,99 oz)
  • Tread dimensions: 125x65mm (4-3/4 in)
  • Shiny finish
  • Available colours: black and silver

Their width and the 4° sloped tread have been conceived to give a sense of comfort even in case of prolonged use.
The strong grip offers excellent adherence without having to exert too much pressure.

The stirrup leather loop itself has been conceived so to keep the stirrup in a position able to simplify foot repositioning in case of grip loss.


Photographs as shown on this website may differ from the actual appearance of the final product once delivered, for we reserve the opportunity to make improvements to the articles at any time. However, it is our concern to keep the illustrations of the available products as updated as possible.