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Please read this user manual and warnings carefully before using our horse-riding stirrups.

In case of use by minors, they must be supervised by an experienced adult who can explain the proper use of the stirrups and provide them with the information contained herein.


Our stirrups are provided with direction marks on the ring: 
The R and L marks must face the rider during use [PIC. 1-2] and must always be mounted on the corresponding foot (R on the right foot, L on the left foot).


Do not place the ankle into the stirrup’s ring.




To prolong the life of the grip, we recommend using the stirrups with clean boots and cleaning them after each use. It is recommended to clean the grip with a direct jet of water. 
If the stirrups are stored with the saddle, we suggest using stirrup covers.

For ‘Plus’ stirrup models it is necessary to insert oil into the 6 grooves on the pad of each stirrup. [PIC. 3]



  • Tech Stirrups are made entirely of metal
  • Do not wear clothing and/or accessories that obstruct the functioning of the stirrup. 
  • Do not disassemble
  • Do not slam  
  • Do not crush  
  • Do not throw or drop
  • Do not run while holding the stirrup in your hands
  • Do not wash the stirrups in the dishwasher
  • Do not leave the product with minors without adult supervision
  • Do not disperse into the environment


Warranty excludes wear and tear (grip wear is not covered by warranty), third-party changes, improper storage or maintenance and/or use, that is, other than that for which the device was designed.

All Tech Stirrups products are tested and checked carefully before being launched. 

Tech Stirrups products are covered by a 3-year warranty, valid from the date of purchase, against defects in materials or manufacturing. 
It is recommended that you keep your sales receipt because the date the sales receipt is issued declares the beginning of the warranty period. 

To make a complaint or to ask for advice on stirrups please write an e-mail to:

GM PRODUCTION SRL, the owner of the brand name, declines any responsibility for non-compliance with the above in this manual.

GM PRODUCTION srl, owner of the brand Tech Stirrups declines any responsibility due to the lack of respect for what is indicated in the current USER GUIDE.